Alex  aka Thoughtfull, is a Milwaukee native producer, emcee, musician, & poet. He is also the founder of Thoughtfull Creations LLC, a company created as an outlet for releasing his various artistic ventures. In addition to being a gifted poet and lyricist, Thoughtfull is also a self-taught musician with the ability to play guitar and piano.
Thoughtfull found an early interest in music that was encouraged by his family. From childhood, he found himself drawn to a diverse range of musical influences. His parents listened to a wide range of music, and his father was a DJ, so he was exposed to a wide range of genres going back as far as he can remember. 
Beginning as early as middle school, he began dabbling in poetry and quickly found both a love and a talent for the art. He saw poetry and the written word as a way of expressing his individuality and embracing his unique personality and passion for words. He also viewed poetry as a way to channel energy and emotions productively. This rapidly developed and he began enter competitions where he would begin to hone his poetic skills before even reaching high school. His love for poetry and the written word developed into an interest in Hip Hop during his high school years and into his early 20s. A neighbor introduced him to the process of recording music and a friendship that would last into adulthood quickly developed. It was from these experiences that his first recordings were born. 
As an artist, Thoughtfull has amassed a large collection of unreleased works, both  written works as a poet and songs as an emcee. To date, he has released only one song, the debut single from his self-titled EP. The song, titled “We Create The Dream” is available on Itunes and Spotify. The song has a message of hope and is clearly influenced by the conscious Hip Hop movement. Thoughtfull and his team coined the slogan “Hip Hop For Grown Folks” to describe the content and style of his music. 
Thoughtfull has a wide range of influences that can be heard in his music, from Hip Hop to 70s Funk and soul, and even guitar-driven rock. His love for all forms and genres of music really come through in his own material. He is an emcee who believes that as an artist, he possesses a voice and that voice should be used to spread a conscious, positive message. 
Thoughtfull has chosen a deliberate and calculated approach to releasing his artistic works, and as of early 2018 is in the midst of revamping his social media pages and is has a webpage of his own in development. Heading into 2018, he plans to release his debut album and his debut music video for the lead single, “We Create The Dream”, a moving song about adult relationships and working through the struggles that accompany them. He also plans to publish some of his poetic works, either in the form of a spoken word album or a book of poems, or perhaps both. 
Thoughtfull may not be a wellknown emcee yet, but hes definitely an artist to keep an eye on for 2018 and into the future as he begins to unveil more music and continues to show us his vision. 

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